Navidad.B (Emanuel)

also referred to as Emanuel, is a variant of the Navidad worm.

NOD32 detects the worm since its first appearance. Those who did not have NOD32 installed at the time of infection, can apply the following procedure to clean up the infected computer.


  1. Download the following file: wintask.exe onto a diskette
  2. Insert a clean floppy disk into the disk drive and SAVE the downloading file on a clean diskette
  3. Copy the wintask.exe file from diskette into the Windows system directory. (If there is a standard installation of Windows operating system on the infected computer, the beforementioned directory has the following path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.
    The file wintask.exe already exists in this directory. The old file has to be overwritten by the new one!
  4. Execute (run) any application, e.g.: click at Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad)
  5. Successful cleaning is confirmed in a message that is displayed after step 4. is completed. Have your computer scanned by a current NOD32 version.
  6. The wintask.exe file will be deleted upon the next restart of the system


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