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  • Before installing NOD32 Antivirus System, it is recommended that you uninstall another antivirus system you may have on your computer.
  • After the installation is successfully completed, it is recommended that you have all your disk scanned by NOD32 on-demand scanner (please, see the instructions below).
  • Configuration of the NOD32 Control Center is described further in this document. For all details regarding the Control Center, please, read the NOD32CC User Manual.
  1. Log on to Internet
  2. Open your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape)
  3. in the (web) address line enter the following address:
  4. press Enter
  5. in the Download window, find the line with the product that corresponds to the operating system on your computer. (E.g. : if your computer is running Windows 98, go to the line which says: NOD32 for Windows 95 / 98 / ME)
  6. go to the end of the line representing the system you want to download
  7. click at the ”Download” button at the end of the line
  8. in the new download window
    1. enter your User-key
    2. enter your Password
    3. click at download button
  9. depending on the browser used, the system may ask you if you wish the system to remember your password (NOTE: not available for Netscape users)
  10. before the download begins, your computer will ask, whether you want the program to be saved on the disk (default option) or run the program from its current location (Note: Opera browser will not display this windows)
  11. click at OK
  12. in the new ”Save as” window that will open, select Desktop in the ”Save to” field. To do this click at the right hand side of this filed to open the list of available locations to store the file. (Desktop is one of the items in the list).
  13. the ”File name” field contains the name of the file selected for download. (E.g.: if Windows 95 / 98 / ME version of NOD32 is to be downloaded, this filed will contain the name: nod95en (Note: the Opera users, please, see the note section of this document)
  14. click at Save (in the right side of the window)
  15. downloading will commence. This may take few minutes
  16. after the downloading has finished, click at Close, to close the download window
  17. close all windows (if applicable)
  18. on your Desktop, there is an icon with the name of the downloaded file
  19. double click at the icon – the extract window will open. The default value in the ”Extract to” line is: C:\Program Files\Eset\Install
  20. click at Extract button – welcome page will open
  21. click at Next button
  22. read the license agreement and if you agree with the terms click at ”I accept”
  23. confirm the ”Target directory” - C:\Program Files\Eset\ by clicking at Next button
  24. click at Next to confirm Resident protection to be started automatically
  25. leave the “Yes, I want support of the automatic update...” option selected. Leave the second option: “I want installation of the support of creation of ...” blank. Click at Next.
  26. in the next windows, if applicable (if your system allows you to) confirm I want to install the resident protection for e-mails by clicking at Next
  27. confirm ”Integrate NOD32 Antivirus System into the shell....” – click at Next
  28. click at Restart button to restart your computer and initiate antivirus protection
  1. after restarting your computer with new (Millennium Update) downloaded and extracted, NOD32 Control Center initial setup window is displayed
  2. the user is informed that the program is running on a computer for the first time. Click at OK button
  3. enter your private Username and password
  4. click at the Save password check-box (to avoid entering the password each time you want to update the system)
  5. select desired update type located in the Update group. (default “Ask” option is recommended)
  6. click at Connection Setup button to open the Connection Setup dialog window
  7. select the Internet connection mode available to you:  (dial-up – if you use the dial-up connection, Lan/fixed line, if you use a fixed(dedicated) line or a cable connection)
  8. click at OK button to return to the Update Tab of the main NOD32 Control Center panel
  9. click at the “Automatic Update every” checkbox 
  10. you may select time – 24 hour time gap is recommended
  11. you may establish your internet connection now (if applicable) and test your new Control Center by clicking at the Update now button. A process of new update will begin, or you will receive a message informing you that the current version is installed (no update necessary).
NOTE:  If a dial-up connection is used and you chose to set the Automatic update every (e.g.) 6 hours, NOD32 Control Center will not redial your modem automatically. Control Center, however, keeps a record of the last attempt to update the system and, at the same time, monitors the activity of the Internet connection. Hence, if the time, since the last attempt to update the system, exceeds the predefined interval (6 hours) and the Internet connection is established, update of the system will be triggered automatically. 

Successful installation of AMON (resident module of NOD32) and NOD32 Control Center is indicated on the main system taskbar by appearance of two new icons: a/ a “red cross” (AMON) and, b/ a “CC” icon - (Control Center).

It is recommended that you have all your disks scanned by NOD32 on-demand scanner now (see the instructions below).

Installation of NOD32 Control Center – Computer Network

It is essential, that the network administrators read the NOD32CC USER MANUAL.

If you experience any problems during installation or have any questions, please, contact our technical customer support at:
Thank you again for choosing NOD32 Antivirus System, the fastest and the most efficient antivirus system available today.


  • each registered user’s e-mail address was added to Eset’s mailing list and will only be used to inform you on important information regarding your protection
  • it is crucial that you always have the current version of NOD32 on your computer (to check the version, click at the "CC" icon located on the main system toolbar. The version number appears in the Info Tab of the main Control Center panel).
  • whenever a problem report is filed, please, include your user-key in your e-mail and provide all the details on the problem to expedite our solution
  • The Opera browser users will have to change the file extension manually. ".CGI" extension offered by the browser needs to be modified and it should read: .EXE)
  • click at Start
  • click at Programs
  • click at Eset
  • double click at the NOD32 blue-cross icon
  • click at Scan
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