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NOD32 Antivirus System v1.248  ( Editor's Pick )    ( 22/04/2002 )

The world leader in virus detection, with the antivirus industry's
highest number of Virus Bulletin Awards!

NOD32 puts you on the cutting edge of antivirus technology
. . . and keeps you there!

NOD32 is a multi-platform program system for virus detection and removal on Microsoft
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000. XP, and MSDOS. It also serves as the tool to minimize
the consequential damages of your system due to virus infiltrations.

Key system features are:

  • Modular design of fully 32-bit code.
  • Extremely powerful heuristic analysis, efficient also for the macro virus family.
  • Use of fast ”single point” virus samples and CRC for accurate virus recognition.
  • Effective virtual emulator serving to detect even the most sophisticated polymorphic viruses.
  • Maximum scanning speed due to the use of the multilevel, associative, cache-like memory.
  • Speed enhancement achieved by coding mission-critical modules in assembler (machine code).
  • Automatic control of the incoming mail and the files used by means of the memory resident monitor.
  • Effective anti-stealth techniques implemented in the system.
  • Algorithmic and heuristic virus cleaning available.
  • Reconstruction of system files of key importance after the virus infection.
  • Conversion of the document files, after the cleaning has been performed, into original format.
  • Searching for the viruses in encrypted and password protected databases and documents.
  • Detection of viruses in archive files (PKZIP, ARJ and RAR).
  • Capabilities to find viruses in the files internally compressed and/or protected executable files
    (Pklite, Lzexe, Diet, Exepack, CPAV).
  • Full support for UNICODE in Windows 2000/NT.
  • Option enabling sending of the warning messages on virus infiltration over the network.
  • Centralized Update option available for easy and fast automatic update.

[ Updated: 22/04/2002 ]