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Unique technologies built into the NOD32 Antivirus System result in unprecedented
virus detection and the world's fastest scanning speeds.

Some of the international awards earned by NOD32 are presented below . . . . .



Virus Bulletin is regarded as the world's "best and fairest" independent antivirus program tester. Due to the high professional recognition of this prestigious international testing authority on computer virus prevention, detection, and removal, its VB100 Awards are of special significance in the virus world.

NOD32 has earned the coveted VB100 Award 17 times (more than any other antivirus program in the world) since May 1988 . . . including four unrivalled "clean sweeps" of every virus in every category !!!

"NOD32 has gone from strength to strength. All files in all sets were detected. With speed tests as well as detection results being favourable, there is little to add but congratulations."
( Virus Bulletin, April 2001 )

"With no misses and an excellent overall scanning speed, there is little in the way of comment to make which is not blatantly obvious to even the most myopic observer." 
( Virus Bulletin, February 2001 )


April 2002 --- NOD32 trashed in CNet / ZDNet review

In his CNet / ZDNet review, Ken Feinstein, a part-time amateur antivirus tester with no credentials whatsoever in the antivirus industry, used a handful of Rosenthal Utilities simulated viruses to rate NOD32 much lower in virus detection than any other reviewer has ever rated it !!!

This is the most unprofessional and unbelievable "test" of NOD32 we've ever seen !!!

Read all about it here

ICSA - April 2002

Eset joins the Antivirus Product Developer's Consortium (AVPD)

NOD32 receives ICSA Certification . . . with 100% "In The Wild" virus detection!


Editor's pick - SoftLandMark - April 2002

"The world leader in virus detection, with the antivirus industry's highest number of Virus Bulletin Awards! NOD32 puts you on the cutting edge of antivirus technology - and keeps you there!"


Virus Bulletin - February 2002


NOD32 has not missed a single "In The Wild" virus since Virus Bulletin's first test in May 1998 !!!

NOD32 is so far ahead of the pack in virus detection that ordinary scanners will never catch up !!! Antivirus guru Mary Landesman chooses NOD32 for her son's PC - January 2002

"Because my son's computer is a few years older (according to him, an antique), I wanted as small an impact from the antivirus software as possible. I also wanted him to have good, solid protection. Nod32 has the smallest footprint, meaning that their software would not interfere with my son's extensive gaming resources. The default choices installed Nod32 with realtime protection enabled, right-click scanning, and automatic updates of his virus signature files."


PC911 - January 2002

"Overall, NOD32 is a first-rate antivirus program that offers several levels of superior protection combined with ease-of-use. That makes it a winner in my book!"
( Alex Byron, Editor-in-Chief, PC911 )


NOD32 again rated #1 - Milenio Tecnologia - January 2002

"According to the tests that I have made with different products, having reviewed the independent certifications of serious comparative commercial criteria and mentioning those from HISPASEC, SECUSYS, VIRUSPROT and VSANTIVIRUS, I recommend the Nod32 Antivirus System, Kaspersky Antivirus Scanner (AVP) and Antivirus Command with F-Prot Professional, in that order."


BEST ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM OF 2001 - Australian PC User - December 2001

"NOD32, more than any other program, is simply a must-have !!!"

"In PC User's most recent antivirus tests, only one program provided 100% protection against all viruses in a very large test set --- NOD32. NOD32 also has effective heuristics to protect against unknown viruses, and the company is really on the ball with updates.
The penalty for thorough scanning is normally a longer scan time, but NOD32 was the fastest as well as the most thorough."

"Is it any wonder we awarded NOD32 as PC User's Best Antivirus Program of 2001 ?"


Virus Bulletin - November 2001


Eset's NOD32 Antivirus System continues to dominate the antivirus world! NOD32 set new detection and speed standards by completing all November tests in just 135 seconds, once again maintaining its unequalled and unbroken record of 100% "In The Wild" virus detection!


Virus Bulletin - September 2001

September's test confirms NOD32's place at the top of the 100% Award winners list!

Analysts noted not only NOD32's detection performance but also the program's overwhelming speed of execution. Based on the results, NOD32 had an Executable File Throughput rate in excess of 5 million B/s, the next best was measured at 2 million B/s, and most of the other competing programs staggered along at less than 800,000 B/s. (As an example, NAI McAfee NetShield tested at around 7 times slower while missing 9 viruses and failing to win a 100% award.)

July 2001

Virus Bulletin - July 2001

NOD32 once again detected a genuine 100% of all viruses in all categories ... it's fourth consecutive "clean sweep". It took NOD32 only 52 seconds to scan all the test executable files ... with 100% virus detection ... while other products with lesser detection figures needed anything up to 45 minutes to complete the same scan!

Since its first inclusion in Virus Bulletin testing in May 1998, NOD32 has not missed one single "In The Wild" virus! No other antivirus program even comes close to NOD32 in either virus detection or scanning speed ... and that's a fact!




Australian PC User - May 2001

NOD32 scores yet another 100% "clean sweep" . . . rated "Best Buy" by Australia PC User's Technical Editor, Jan Wikström.

"Easy to install and use, Eset NOD32 comes with fairly strong default protection, yet has the shortest scan time. I found the interface for selecting individual folders to scan a little clumsier than necessary, but the scan when you hover the cursor over a file in Explorer (or select a folder by right-clicking) makes up for that. E-mail protection is complete, scanning incoming and outgoing mail. There was also automatic scanning when opening attachments. The Help file contains all necessary instructions, and it's context-sensitive. There's also a downloadable installation instruction."

"NOD32 scored 100% on all the VB tests and got the 100% award with no quibbles. It also got praise for excellent speed."


Claymania - May 2001

"... Eset's NOD32 scanner is one of the best performing in terms of speed and detection rates. It consistently does well in independent testing including a better record in VB100% tests than any other product."

"NOD32 is excellent for home or business use." (Andrew J Lee - AVIEN)


Virus Bulletin- April 2001

Several of the 19 antivirus programs taking part in Virus Bulletin's April 2001 test comparison earned the "VB100% Award", but only NOD32 detected 100% of all infected samples across all the test sets in both On-Demand and On-Access tests!

Virus Bulletin's Mathew Ham commented: "NOD32 has gone from strength to strength. All files in all sets were detected. With speed tests as well as detection results being favourable, there is little to add but congratulations."


WILDERS - March 2001

The security advisors at selected NOD32 as Best Choicein a test comparison against AVX 2000 Professional, Panda Antivirus Platinum, Command Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus Gold (AVP), F-Secure Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, and PC-Cillin 2000.


Virus Bulletin - February 2001

NOD32 was the only product (17 products were tested) that detected 100% of all infected samples across all the test sets in both On-Demand and On-Access tests ... and did it without a single false positive alarm! NOD32 also recorded the fastest hard disk scanning rate.

Best Detection + Best Speed = Best Performance!

NOD32 - January 2001

NOD32 detected 100% of all the infected samples in the tests, with the fastest scanning rate. Read Mary Landesman's report here.


Computing Which? - November 2000

UK Consumers' Association WHICH? selected NOD32 as the Best Buy antivirus product.


Virus Bulletin - November 2000

You're probably wondering why NOD32 . . . the only antivirus program which detected 100% of all infected samples in all categories in the November 2000 Virus Bulletin test comparison . . . failed to win the VB 100% Award . . . and why Norton Antivirus, which missed a whopping 299 viruses, and VET, which missed over twice as many (781) viruses, did win this award.

The answer is simple ... one false positive virus identification is all it takes to be disqualified.

You might think 100% detection and one false positive should have given NOD32 a much higher rating than programs which missed 299 and 781 viruses and had no false positives , but the bottom line is that everyone has to play by the same rules.

We'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not Norton and VET "beat" NOD32 in the November 2001 VB100 test!

Anne Saita
Security Editor

TelekomNet - September 2000

"Since January 1998, Joe Wells' Wildlist Organization International has tested various vendors' wares and released results in the Virus Bulletin. The Virus Bulletin 100% Awards are given to those products that best detect viruses on the most recent Wild List, which outlines known viruses out in the wild (as opposed to being caught in the lab)."

"Eset NOD32 has earned a VB 100% award every time it has been submitted for testing . . . it is ranked first overall."


Virus Bulletin - September 2000

"Of all the test-sets scanned, NOD32 missed only one sample in the Standard set, a feat difficult to improve upon and unique to this review. Coupled with good scanning speed and no false positives, this is a gratifying result."


Virus Bulletin - July 2000

"NOD32 does, to its credit, remain one of the more interestingly styled products on offer, as well as one of the least amenable for witty comments at its expense. It has an excellent rate of scanning combined with accuracy, an enviable position to be in."


Virus Bulletin - April 2000

"NOD32 maintains its record of receiving the VB 100% in each test to which the product has been submitted."


Virus Bulletin - February 2000

"NOD delivers the greatest throughputs during scanning."


Virus Bulletin - November 1999

"NOD32 exhibited extremely impressive scanning speed, blitzing some of the other products with its scan rates well in excess of 2500kB/sec."


Virus Bulletin - September 1999

"An antivirus product in the strictest sense of the term. ... NOD does what it claims, extremely well."


Virus Bulletin - May 1999

"Aside from detecting all the In the Wild file and boot sector viruses, NOD32 had the highest overall detection rates."


COFAX - April 1999

NOD32 earned the "Most Technologically Advanced Software Product" award at the International Computer Fair COFAX 1999


Virus Bulletin - March 1999

"NOD has continued to impress ... detected more samples across all the test-sets than any other (antivirus product)"


Virus Bulletin - January 1999

"It is almost a truism in the antivirus field that you have speed or good detection. However, NOD32 is one of the products that bucks that idea, effectively coupling the two."


Virus Bulletin - November 1998

"Detection remains at an impressive level."


Virus Bulletin - September 1998

"The review process was a pleasant overall; the interface being simple to control and effective. ... Detection, too, was definitely more respectable than many new implementations have managed." 


Virus Bulletin - May 1998

"Detection has been boosted to VB 100% levels in the In the Wild test-set and were tantalizingly close to a clean sweep."