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The security advisors at selected NOD32 Best Choice in a test comparison against
AVX 2000 Professional, PC-Cillin 2000, Panda Antivirus Platinum, Command Antivirus,
McAfee Antivirus, F-Secure Antivirus, and Kaspersky Antivirus Gold (AVP)

March 2001


This relatively unknown antivirus is performing excellent, receiving the VB Reward on many

The key feature is highly efficient and user friendly heuristic analysis, allowing detection of new
viruses even without the need of constant updating.

It also handles Java viruses, IRC warms, trojan horses and other internet infiltrations.

The memory-resident antivirus monitor (AMON) provides constant and automatic detection
and cleaning.

Main features are:

  • nice and easy to use interface
  • modular design of fully 32-bit code
  • extremely powerfull heuristic analysis, also for the macro virus family
  • use of fast "single point" virus samples and CRC for accurate virus recognition
  • effective virtual emulator serving to detect the polymorphic viruses
  • maximum scanning speed
  • speed enhancement by coding the mission-critical modules in assembler
  • automatic control of incoming mail/files used by means of the AMON
  • effective anti-stealth techniques implemented in the system
  • algorithmic and heuristic virus cleaning available
  • reconstruction of system files of key importance after virus infection
  • conversion of doc.files after cleaning into original format
  • searching for viruses in encrypted and password protected databases and docs
  • detection of viruses in archived files
  • virus detection in internally compressed and/or protected executable files
  • full support for UNICODE in windows2000/NT
  • centralized update option for easy and fast automatic updates
  • one year free updates.

We are very impressed by this antivirus; it can compete with the best, like f.e. Kaspersky aka AVP.

As as matter of fact, this antivirus is even better.  

Best Choice!



Mcafee has a long history. And a good one. Nevertheless,  we do feel it has lost some of its grandeur
in the meanwhile. True; it still belongs to the top:

  • good virus detection and reasonable removal
  • email protection
  • nice interface
  • easy to handle
  • regular updates
  • VShield background scanning
  • advanced virus scanning
  • new Network Associates AVERT scanning engine
  • Safe & Sound document protection feature
  • Windows Millenium support

All in all, we are not that impressed with the performance, in comparison with for instance NOD32.
But that's just our opinion...



This fairly new antivirus does a fine job overall. The program includes eight advanced protection
modules to keep your pc free from infections:

  • Mail Monitor, filtering POP3 mail (MS Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express
  • Qualcomm Eudora, Netscape Messenger), intercepting and blocking email
    before its arrival
  • Virus Shield, real-time protection , monitoring all active processes, intercepting
    infected files
  • Script Wall, protecting against script viruses, integrated in de Windows Scripting
  • Quarantine, stores suspected or infected files in a specific area, from where they
    can be send to the support from avx
  • Live!; an infected vut unknown virus can auto-disinfect itself using a download
    function. checks contstantly for updates. If the product is destroyed, damaged
    or a critical file is erased, an automatic auto-reload and replace will take place
  • Download Center integrates into the browser, scans all downloaded file, when
    infected it is safely moved and quarantined
  • Office 2000: scans the Office 2000 Suite at the moment it's accessed, providing
    a protection for MS Office 2000 users
  • Scheduler; allows scanning and cleaning at a scheduled moment

Though we could not test the latest feature - having no Office 2000 installed - we were impressed by the overall performance


Command           COMMAND ANTIVIRUS

As an award-winning VB100 product, Command does a good job. It has an easy to use interface,
out-of-the box defaults set. Some features:

  • low on system resources
  • pre-configured tasks for click-of-the-buton manual scanning
  • right-click scan any file/folder from the desktop or explorer manually
  • scans can be scheduled to run during inactivity
  • scans can be scheduled to any time, day or period
  • email protection, attachments included
  • seamless security works in the background
  • on-access scanning provides automatic detection and disinfection
  • over 70 file types scanned by default
  • all files can be choosen for deep scanning
  • detects extraordinary many previously unknown viruses.

We consider this a solid and well-performing program, since we could not detect major flaws.
Overall a good product.



F-Secure antivirus has one unique feature, that differs from all other antiviruses; the CounterSign
Technology. Thus, users benefit from the use of two or more scanning engines performing
simultanious scans, including both on-demand and real-time scans, using the latest
versions of both F-PROT and AVP engines.

Some other features from F-Secure are:

  • nice and easy interface
  • regular updates
  • extensive help resources, including direct links to the web for information
  • GateKeeper; scans actively files in the background, and especially designed for
    protection from viruses transmitted over the web. Dynamic Virus Protection
    guards email and downloaded files as they arrive, ensuring that malware
    embedded in the Internet content are detected and removed before they can
    infect your computer. Real-time background scanning scans for traditional
    viruses, polymorphic and encrypted viruses
  • additional features include a non-resident virus scanner, a scanner designed to
    detect previously unknown virusesm advanced scheduling and F-Agent, a traybar
    icon allowing easy acces to F-PROT

The combination from F-PROT for DOS and the Antivirus are performing very quick and effective.
It's nearly "the top". Unfortunately, this program is (too) expensive. And that counts.  That's why
we rated it the way we did.



The former AVP is still going strong. In our opinion, it has been - and still is the leader of the pack.
True; the basic interface is bad, and it might take some time to fully understand how to configure
it in the perfect way.

  • excellent virus/trojan detection and removal
  • full control over all possible sources of infection, including internet, email, disks,
    mobile users, archived and compressed files etc
  • protection against all forms of malicious code, as there are computer viruses,
    trojans, internet worms and dangerous Java applets and ActiveX
  • in case of a virus, the program will neutralize the attack swift and effectively, and
    the effects of its payload
  • daily automatic updates to keep the protection at its upmost (could cause false
    alarms on rare occassions though)
  • very good support

The detection and removal performance is an issue; therefore, we consider Kaspersky Antivirus Gold as a good virus - and excellent trojan scanner.



Panda antivirus is a relatively newcomber at the antivirus front. And although quite improved, it
shows. Despite of the daily updates, the database is still not comparable to the databases from
f.e. Kaspersky (former AVP). Nevertheless, it does have some nice features:

  • nice and easy to use interface; choice between basic and advanced
  • choice in what file types must be scanned: incoming/outgoing mail; and even
    what types, f.e. audio, video, images and applications
  • The Internet Protection Module scans incoming data at the winsock, catching
    downloads from the web and protections from FTP transfers
  • infected websites/services can be added to a block-list; portblocking or IP
    address blocking possible as well; very quick scanning
  • relatively small virus database
  • seven options when disinfecting: show info/ignore/ disinfect and rename/ delete
    or move the infected file
  • daily updates, scheduled or on demand
  • lifetime license

Panda antivirus has potential. Because of the comparatelively small database, we can't rate it better as we did - for now.


Trend        PC-CILLIN 2000

PC-Cillin antivirus has made a fine comeback the last several years. In particular, we are impressed
by the high detection rate. Most important features:

  • nice and easy to use interface
  • effective and scheduled auto-update function
  • easy to use scan wizzard
  • email scanning (POP3) for incoming mail (Outlook Express, Eudora Pro)
  • Oulook 97, 98 and 2000 Personal Folders email scanning
  • quarantines uncleanable/suspicious files that may contain unknown viruses
  • submitting suspicious files to Trends eDoctor Lab for analysis
  • Internet Access Control protects from browsing offensive/inappropriate websites
  • Virus Pattern Scanning, Checksum Checking, Rule Based Virus Traps and
    Virus Instruction Code Emulation
  • Real Time I/O Scanning and Macro Trap

The effective and high detection rate from pc-cillin 2000 is a major  point. Therefore, we regard this program as one of the best.